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Service Description

 The ARS service is a complete solution for today’s rental property owner facing loss of rental income due to vacancy, physical condition of property, bad tenants.

The ARS service offers:

Renovation Services:  ARS is a contractor that can professionally complete your renovation project.  We provide renovations to kitchens, baths, flooring, plumbing, electrical, heating, porches, exterior and interior painting and repairs.

Payment Options:  With ARS rental property owners, including investors and developers, can renovate their units now, get them rented and generating cash and then pay for the renovations over time with just the unit(s) rents.  The service is not a loan but does allow the owner to pay in installments over time.  The installment periods are short- typically one to three years.  The payment option is an installment sales agreement for the purchase of the renovation services.  It is not a loan! So your credit is OK.

Property Management:  ARS provides professional property management for the subject units.  This takes all of the hassle out of running your rental property.

The services can be purchase separately except that the payment options are offered solely in conjunction with the renovation services and the property management.  State differently, the payment options are only for clients that opted for the renovation services and agree to use the property management service.

The ARS service is designed to assist rental property owners.  The service is not currently offered to homeowners without rental units.  However, speak with an ARS representative to design a solution that upgrades both your rental units and your live in unit.