Inspection Checklist

Inspection Checklist





MBHP’s inspectors have compiled a list of the top ten items that commonly result in a failed inspection.

Make sure your property has :

1. Functioning smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.

2. Windows that open and shut without being propped up. Locks and screens are also required

3. Handrails where there are four or more steps inside and outside the building.

4. A window or a working ventilation fan in the bathroom.

5. No locks on interior doors that could result in a person being unable to exit a room.

6. Flooring that is free of trip hazards. Bathroom and kitchen floors must be watertight and easily cleanable.

7. Heat must be operational between September 15 and June 15 at a minimum of 68 degrees; hot water must be functional and between 110-130 degrees.

8. Weather-tight, caulked doors and windows; plumbing that is free of leaks.

9. A stove that works properly and is clean.

10.Lights on the exterior of the building – both front and rear.